There are moments in your life when you might doubt certain decisions which you have made in the past. Today when I saw her tears all the doubts which I might have had turned in to certainty. It just took a moment.


Coming Back

I don’t know the reason which has caused me not to write in these few monthes. Since I have come back to Iran so many things has happened in my life which is somehow shaping my future, ideals and outlooks on life.

To be honest I still find it hard working here, for nothing is what it seems. At times I think other than having your own personal proffession one must have a mixed knowledge of psychology and some detective work in order to be able to work with one’s own countrymen.

From now on I will try to share more of my life and my surroundings.

I come to you with an heavy heart tonight. I wish ….

First Dinner


It was the most memorable night of my life, thank you.